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Antonee Robinson sobbing Iranian player after the Iran defeat and America knocked out their team

USA player Antonee Robinson sobbing Iranian player after the Iran defeat and America knocked their team out at the World cup

Today match between USA and Iran ⚽ team , a scene is viral on social media this is seen that USA player Antonee Robinson consoled a sobbing Iranian soccer player after Iran defeat.

This scene was spread on social media by many fans of Football shared on their


The colorful event of FIFA World Cup 2022 is going on in Qatar and it is being played in a very spectacular manner in which the football teams were facing each other in the match of Iran and USMNT. It was to be decided on November 30 which would qualify for the round of 16 matches starting on December 3.

For the first time in eight years, the USA team has reached the Knockedout Round of 16.

After losing this match, Iran has been eliminated from the FIFA football world cup and it is such that the USA football team has reached the knockout Round 16 after winning this match.

After this message is finished, every team player feels for his country, thus the Iranian team Foot team player was sobbing and US Men’s National Team player Antonee Robinson Consoled a sobbing. Why not, after losing this match, Iran’s teams are out of the FIFA World Cup. And American are happy to reach in knocked out their team.

At the Scene of consoled a sobbing exchange of words is appear, but it is not clear.

This scene was circulating on social media and the scene has been greatly appreciated and supported by the fans. Why not, because it removes the bitterness between the two countries and helps to improve their relations, and encouraging the sport men ship behavior.

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