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Each Pakistani player in ICC t20 World receive more than 1 crore PKR

Each Pakistani player in ICC t20 World receive more than 1 crore PKR

The green shirt player face 5 wicket loss against England in ICC world cup 2022 in Melbourne cricket ground. As per calculation side each will get about 1 million dollar ( more than 220 million PKR ).

The total prize pool of the tournament is USD 5.6 million and all 16 teams that participated in the event will be rewarded. While England bagged the highest amount, runner-up Pakistan will receive USD 800,000 (approximately Rs. 6.5 crore), exactly half of the amount the winner got. The green shirt team receive $120,000 each of Three victory will get ($40,000) in super 12 stage.

This tournament prize money is shared equally among all the team members and team management, as Fakhar Zaman participated in only one game, but those who were Pak’s million were also shared equally. And Shah Nawaz dhani is not participating in any game but receive money equally.

As per estimation, each green shirt player will get about PKR 1 crore and 30 lakh rupees. Including Muhammad Hasnain, Kushdill Shah and Shah Nawaz dhani will get huge amount without playing any match of the tournament.

On the other hand, ICC gave $83 each player a daily allowance during the world cup. And PCB added $31 dollar to daily allowance.

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