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Full list Qatar 2022 fixtures and prediction for final

Full list world qualifiers:

Full list of Qatar 2022 fixtures is 32 and prediction for final matches is given. World cup is being played in Qatar 2022 in which 32 teams have qualified for world cup. These 32 football teams are divided into 8 groups named A,B,C,D,E,F and H and each group has 4 teams. A team in each group will face its own group member once face-to-face thus one team will play 3 matches in round first.

World venue:

FIFA World Cup 2022 started in Qatar and it has fulfilled this responsibility very well. State of Qatar is small in size and Population about 2.7 million ever to host. It is being heard that this FIFA World Cup is the most expensive ever. A lot of money has been spent on stadium renovations and other activities. People from all over the world come towards Qatar to watch FIFA world cup 2022. Making Qatar very popular in the world.

Knocked out round 16:

Two teams from each group had to qualify for 2nd round thus a total of 16 teams qualified for the Knocked out round 16. Thus, 16 teams were eliminated from the Qatar World Cup. And the host team of the World Cup also lost all three matches of their 1st round. Knocked out 16 stage is going on in which some teams have been eliminated from the world cup. And some have qualified for the quarter finals thus total 8 teams will qualify for the quarter finals.

Prediction for final:

Similarly, one team will be eliminated from the World Cup after the another. After quarter-final, the semi-final round will be applied. After the Semi final two teams will qualify and the prediction for final will be done on both teams. Many prediction for final have been taken from old football legends for this process, but the final decision will be made on December 18, 2022. Quarter final teams reached is Netherlands, England, Argentina, France, Brazil and Croatia and two teams are remaining.

What date is Final match:

Qatar 2022 final is being played in 18 December. The last match of the FIFA World Cup 2022 will be played at the National day of Qatar on December 18 at 80,000 seater Lusail stadium.

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