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Google play store services is not available in Pakistan from 1st December

Google play store services is not available in Pakistan from 1st December

Is Google play store services stop in Pakistan?

Actually it is coming that google play store services will be available in Pakistan after December 1st. Is this news true or fake? We tell you about this whole news and will tell you that Pakistan government has made what statement in this regard and And how will it affect mobile users?

State Bank of Pakistan:

State Bank of Pakistan stopped 34 million dollar to International Tech companies in order to reduce the outflow of dollar, thus Android mobile users in Pakistan cannot purchase the app by making a through a direct payment of the mobile carrier billings.

Carrier payment:

Carrier Payment is one of the tools through which you can purchase any app directly from the Play Store app on your mobile. Pakistani networks such as Jazz, Ufone and Telenor are working, people can buy apps directly through play store. But this service is unavailable from 1st December. In this way, Pakistani users cannot purchase direct mobile app through balance , but debit card and credit card transactions are also available.

Pakistan Government Stopped payment?

Government in Pakistan can make a lot of effort to comment the rate of dollar so that it can store more dollars in Pakistan, this can artificially maintain the dollar rate, but it is not a complete solution. Thus, for this purpose, they suspended all the apps purchased from the Google Play Store for some time so that dollars could not go out of Pakistan and could be stored in Pakistan, thus the value of the dollar is increasing . I may be somewhat stable.

Ministry of IT and Telecom:

“After consulting all stakeholders on the seriousness of the matter, it was decided to write a letter to the Ministry of Finance. The telecom industry is already in trouble and such decisions could make matters worse. Payment suspension by State Bank will result in suspension of paid Google App services in Pakistan.”

The services of free Google applications will remain intact. The process of stopping payments to international organizations may affect the reputation of Pakistan. People using the paid application, who are citizens, may face serious difficulties.
( Syed Amin Ul Haq )

Other apps effected:
Just as State Bank of Pakistan has ended the Direct Carrier Billing(DCB), Services operating in Pakistan like Google ,Amazon and Facebook will also have their services suspended. In this way, the ads that run on Google will also end and those that are respected on YouTube and Facebook will not be able to do so, which will affect Amazon and other online shopping stores. Because most of the traffic that used to come to the online store will not run like this ads, and the tendency of the visitors will also decrease and the online store will also be much more effected.

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