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“I didn’t know how is seeing Hardik as captain”Sulman Butt

“I didn’t know how is seeing Hardik as captain”
Sulman Butt

The three-match T20I series in New Zealand, which starts on Friday, November 18, in Wellington, has Pandya as the Indian captain.

India’s first tour after the ICC World Cup 2022 is against New Zealand, with Rohit Sharma 3 format as the captain but he has been given a brief leave to be replaced by Hardik , which is an order to him. It has been thought to make a captain. Regarding this news, many young and old cricketers have given their opinion that it is a good decision.

But Sulman Butt, who is a Pakistani cricketer, has given an opinion that he is not satisfied with this decision

Shastri: “‘No harm in identifying new T20I captain, and if his name is Hardik Pandya, so be it

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