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is Google play store is not working in Pakistan in December 1st ?

is Google play store is not working in Pakistan in December?

Pakistani media has spread a false rumor that the Pakistan government did not pay $34 million to Google Play Store.Due to this, Google Play Store will not provide its services to Pakistan from the month of December, thus the Play Store app will be closed.Many Pakistanis will get lose and we will not be able to get any benefit from Google.

Google play store services is not suspended:

Google Play Store is not suspended its services in Pakistan in December this is a wrong news but those mobile users who used to use paid app direct will not be able to pay their money now they need debit card or credit card to pay. State Bank of Pakistan suspended the Direct Carrier Billing Mechanism.

Government about Google play store app:

The Federal Government has denied these reports and you have given a statement about it which Federal Government Minister Aminul Haque said:

After consulting all stakeholders on the seriousness of the matter, it was decided to write a letter to the Ministry of Finance. The telecom industry is already in trouble and such decisions could make matters worse. Payment suspension by State Bank will result in suspension of paid Google App services in Pakistan.

The services of free Google applications will remain intact. The process of stopping payments to international organizations may affect the reputation of Pakistan. People using the paid application, who are citizens, may face serious difficulties.

Debit, credit card apply on Google play store:

In the federal government, Syed Aminul Haq, who is the Minister of Information Technology of Pakistan, has given a briefing about that. Jazz, Telenor, Ufone will not be charged, but you can use debit card and credit card to send your payment to Google Play Store to any bank. Thus, many mobile users who could buy any application store app by paying directly in the past will no longer be able to apply this method because many people in Pakistan do not have the credit card facility.

By not offering 34 million dollars to Google Play Store, Pakistan has stored that money in the State Bank of Pakistan, which has artificially stabilized the value of the dollar in Pakistan. This has caused a lot of shame in the world for Pakistan because Pakistan does not have the money to package Google Play Store and Pakistan is close to bankrupt. We hope that the Pakistan Government will give this payment to Google Play Store as soon as possible so that in the future Google Play Store can provide these services and benefit from direct carrier billing mechanism.

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