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James Anderson: England ‘Chomping at the bit’ seeking life from dead Pakistani wickets Test in Pakistan

James Anderson: England ‘Chomping at the bit’ seeking life from dead Pakistan wickets Test in Pakistan

James Anderson has insisted the England team that we are playing our first Test match in Rawalpindi after 17 years on Thursday, before which we are ‘chomping at the bit’.

The 40 year-old James Anderson is the member of England who was able to play his cricket in Pakistan in 2005 and will represent the England team in the coming Test match after 17 years. This is the only pace bowler from the England team to play their Test cricket in two decades.

The first Test match between England and Pakistan will be played at the Rawalpindi Stadium on Thursday. Regarding this match, many cricketers have given their opinion that Rawalpindi was late in the series between Pakistan and Australia, so it was not easy to take on them.

The Australian cricket team toured Pakistan in March 2022. This was the first time the big three cricketing National (England India and Australia) toured test match in Pakistan. The Australia cricket team played a series of two Test matches in Pakistan, which was a draw at the High Scoring, but on the last day of the match, the Australian cricket team turned the dice and won the series.

“Really excited”, Anderson said

Especially after the summer we had in Test cricket we felt like we are building something and we want to keep that kind of momentum building and to be a part of that in the summer was amazing”.

Then, to be a part of what is really exciting challenge for us out here different condition different to what we will have experience before has a group”.

“It is really exciting challenge in an I think all of us are just chomping at the bit.”

The formal player of the England Test team believes that we will take 20 wickets in a Test match and win a test matches series against Pakistan.

Remember that the first in a Test match Pakistan in Rawalpindi is considered to be a dead pitches because in a Test match between Pakistan and Australia only 14 wickets fall in five days.It is a tough challenge for England but believe in the England bowling attack.

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