Messi strives for forever love

Messi forever love for fans

In Maradona shadow, Messi strives for Argentina’s forever love

Messi strives always showed his respect for Maradona shadow as he was one of his senior players.
Messi is forever love and respected by the people of Argentina. This FIFA world cup 2022 Qatar is last world cup for Messi. Argentine team unfortunately loss first match of the tournament but lucky won next two match of the tournament. Now they qualify for Knockout round 16.

Diego Armando Maradona was professional Argentina football player and manager. He was great captain. In his leadership and presence on the field show great effect on team performance. So, people of Argentina showed forever love tu Maradona. Now Messi is rising star. He died 25 November 2022 (age60).

In Qatar World Cup 2022, Lionel Messi’s strives led her team to win two matches due to his passionate performance are earning love from Argentines, But this love may be short-lived as their old favouritism for Diego Armando Maradona may resurface and This oodles love of the people of Argentina may be less for Messi.

Old legend Maradona, who has left this world two years ago, was the only one has won the world cup trophy for Argentine. Despite being a mediocre team, they won the trophy in 1986 with a brilliant goal “Hand of God” against England became a symbol of national defense. No matter how much the footballer Messi is respected in the world, but Argentina’s fans said that Messi has won so many trophies, but he can never be compared to old legend Maradona until he lifted a world cup for Argentina.

‘Love – Hate’

Messi has earned more marks of goals in football and more respect than Madonna. Even by his surprising performance in the Qatar world cup 2022 as he drove Argentina team to last 16 round. On the other hand Old legend Maradona disappointing most loyal fans to wild living and succumbed to drugs.

36 years after winning the World Cup in 1986, but no one has succeeded in bringing the World Cup trophy to Argentina, so the people of Argentina say that we accept him Messi a big star if, he will still win the World Cup trophy for Argentine. If Messi fails to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the old 1986 love for Madonna could be rekindled in Argentines hearts.

“Argentines always had a love-hate relationship with Messi,” said 44 year old fan Gustavo Franchini

Argentinian fans says that Maradona love is in our hearts and we compare young Messi with old legend Maradona because they won us the world cup 36 years ago. If Messi wants to keep her honor in the hearts of Argentine fans, then he will bring the trophy of Qatar world cup 2022 for Argentina.

It should be remembered that the World Cup 2022 in Qatar is going on with all its brightness in which Messi is playing his fifth and final quest. Losing the first match against Saudi Arabia in Argentina was disappointing for their fans, but won the next two matches very impressively and made their place in knocked out round 16. If Messi can win the World Cup and lift the trophy in the final on December 18, Argentina will forever love remain in the hearts of the fans of Argentines.

Emotional seen with Messi:

There are still many banners shows in Argentina that feature Madonna and Messi in the same place because of their shirt number is same 10. And Messi also expressed their emotions in such a way that they lost their first match against Saudi Arabia.And in the next two matches, he beat Mexico and Poland and created a lot of celebration, in which lead celebratory songs on the pitch.

Another fan Facundo Mareno said

“For me, Messi strives has always felt and done his all for the national team, from his first game until now. He is my idol”, he added. “Maradona and Messi have totally different personalities but on the pitch they both do the same.”

The situation is very different now than it was a 36 years ago and what your new generation is fan of Messi now.

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