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Champion FIFA 2022 Argentina world cup in Qatar

Champion FIFA 2022 Argentina beating France in penalty kicks. According to officials times of the match, this match was a draw with three goals Argentina and 3 goals France. The final champions were decided on penalty kicks, w, ith France scoring just two goals and Argentina scoring four goals. By winning final on penalty kicks Argentina become new FIFA champion.

FIFA world cup 2022 final being played in Lusail stadium Qatar. Today is independence day of Qatar.

In the given time of the match Franchise player Kylian Mbappe hit a goals hat-trick. On the other side of against team Argentina player Messi hit 2 goals. And one goal put another player of Argentina. This match was drawn in given time. So, champion were decided on penalty kicks.

First Penalty was score a goal from Franchise player Kylian Mbappe. On the other side from Argentines Player Messi score goal hit penalty kicks. At the end of the match, 4 penalty kicks from Argentina and 4 score goals. On the other side of the match Franchises hit 4 penalty and score only 2 goals. In this way, Champion FIFA 2022 Argentina is final.

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