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Nora Fatehi dance performance at sets internet on fire


Nora Fatehi’s performed on her hit songs ongoing FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Norafatehi participated in the ongoing World Cup 2022 in Qatar and there he grabbed all the audience by giving a very impressive performance on his famous song Dilbar and the video has gone viral on social media. During this performance she was wearing shimmery suits and looked absolutely stunning.

Nora Fatehi dance performance at FIFA 2022 sets internet on fire


Nora performance on her most popular Bollywood songs. And she also gave performance on office anthem of FIFA World Cup Light The Sky. Nora is known for her dance performances and is very famous all over the world.

Video from the stadium:

Nora also shared a video from the stadium with her fans and where she gave a little bit dance performance. She shared her video on her Instagram account and wrote “That moment when you hear ur voice at the World Cup stadium. And this is just the beginning.

Nora fatehi

That moment when u hear your voice at the World Cup Stadium FIFA World Cup 2022 this was so surreal! it’s my milestones like this that make the journey so worth. It I always envisioned moment like this. I am just a Dreamer with a Hunger to make those dreams come alive! From a regular shmegular girl in the hood to this world cup.

Believe in ur self guys, never let anybody tell you you can’t ur dreams and never too big!Many laughed at me at the start but we out here!! And this is just the beginning..


Some people made this Nora visit to FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar controversial by saying that she went to Stadium along with Indian flag which is a wrong thing. But he did not do any such idiotic act in the stadium. Nora Fatehi appeared in Ayushmann Khurrana film an Action Hero’s song Jehda Nasha. World cup seeks to change mindset on islam – Cric Bite

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