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Qatar World cup seeks to change mindset on islam

Qatar world cup seeks to change mindset on islam

Qatar is the first muslim country to host FIFA world cup. Qatar’s Muslim leaders have benefited greatly from hosting the World Cup, exposing hundred, thousands and millions to Football fans visit to Qatar. They tell them about Islam and spreading false rumors about Islam to their parents. Awareness is being given about them. And seeks to change mindset on islam.

Canadian couple Dorinel and Clara Popa listened call to prayer at an Ottoman-style mosque in Doha. It is known as Doha blue mosque. The guider took the couple on a tour of the elaborate interior dominated by a giant chandelier.

Dorinel Popa an old man were taking a first look at islam said change mindset on Islam

“We have prejudice against the culture and the people,” because of a lack of exposure to others,”

Coffee and faith

“We have some thought in our heads and now maybe some of them will change,” said his wife

“It is a good opportunity to learn more about Islam,” said Petr Lulic with his family. “But no one embraces a new religion during a football tournament.”

Fake News about Qatar

Fake news is being spread on social media that Qatar is propagating Islam in the World Cup, by which many Football fans its own path in the religion of Islam by preparing a path of salvation from its old religion. But all of this is fake ok social media.

Yes, it is true that Muslim leaders of murder have said that they cannot sacrifice their religion for a month’s football world cup. For this we will not promote uncivil Islamic activities and not create vine bars and all those things that happen.

Seeks to change mindset on islam

Qatar putting more effort into the other people’s seeks to change mindsets about Islam. Qatar has invited Muslim leader Dr. Zakir Naik to spread the religion of Islam. In this way, they can propagate Islam and tell that Islam wants peace in the world and terrorism it is being spread in the name of Islam, it is all wrong.

In addition, all others who have come to the non-Muslim point of view are being respected and given full freedom to practice their religious activities. Many Church have been built for the worship of dangerous Christians and they are beautifully decorated so that the saints can go there to worship in peace and quiet.


Many non-Muslims are suffering due to ongoing Muslim activities in Qatar. Germany and many countries announced to boycott Qatar World Cup but they failed to do all these things. And the mostly Indian news channel are quickly spreading the false fact that Dr. Zakir Naik’s house is being propagated by Islam and people are being forced to left their religion bring towards Islam.

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