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What is Digital Marketing ? Everything you need to know?

“Digital marketing is a business through which we can target specific people based on factors like gender, age, location, interest and education by advertising our products them”.

Digital marketing is also called online marketing. Through marketing we promote our products and target these potential customers who need to buy these products by using internet service and other form of digital connection. Through digital marketing we can advertise our products not only by sending emails but we can also promote our products through social media, including Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and Google AdSense. You can also promote our products through paid promotion.

Difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing:

Over time, man has challenged himself. Earlier, people used to go to markets for shopping and buy their goods there. Then shopkeepers used to advertise their products with the help of radio news paper and banners displayed on busy highways looking for them. Traditional marketing also included a large proportion of TV ads. Thus, a lot of public money was spent on making Billboard and TV ads.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is online marketing, in which the customer prefers to buy by placing an online order instead of going to the physical store. Online shopping not only saves the customer time but also gets the product of his choice at home at the original price. We use social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Google AdSense to promote digital products. Cookies present in these platforms advertise products based on people’s interests so they can buy them online. These special cookies play a very important role in promoting digital products.

Digital marketing Vs Inbound marketing:

Digital marketing is closely related to the inbound marketing.

Through online marketing we create an ad for promoting our products which we give for advertising through different channels and different platforms. Through digital work we are using many platforms to promote our product but our focus is more on one platform. As we focus on email content and we create a group for that we advertise our product by sending emails to target customers. In this way we focus on one platform and leave other platforms through which you could have promoted your product very well. If we start promoting our product keeping all the platforms in mind then the sales of our product will be very high.

On the other hand, online marketing and inbound marketing are connect with each other. We use different platforms to advertise our products which are available on our website but Search Engine optimization is require for our website. The SEO of any website is very important because if any customer is search any product on Google, our website will come to the top. Our website speed booster is needed because if a customer clicks on the side page then the website will opens and starts showing our products and their prices. If the speed of our website is not good, it will not open immediately after clicking, this way the customer will be fed up and will not come back to the website.

Global digital marketing:

Online marketing has become very widespread due to the COVID-19 through which people sitting at home could buy what they needed. The global market for Digital Advertising and business estimated at US$476.9 Billion in the year 2022, is projected to reach a revised size of US$786.2 Billion by 2026.

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what is digital marketing? peoples needs to know everything about it.
Did you know that 3 quarters of American use online marketing. This area of ​​digital marketing has greatly expanded due to mobile internet service. An estimated 89% American buy something online daily and 31 percent are consistently buy online marketing. Therefore, advertising is very beneficial in selling products online. If any product has good advertisement, its sale is also high.

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