Who has qualified for World cup last 16?

Who has qualified for World cup last 16? USA, France, England, Argentina, Poland and Australia reach knockouts in Qatar

The World Cup has now entered a very interesting phase as who has qualified for World cup last 16. The FIFA World Cup battle is on and 10 teams have reach knockouts in Qatar. Now only six teams are remaining to reach knockout.

FIFA World Cup 2022 is being played in Qatar in which 32 teams have participated. These 32 teams are divided into 8 groups named from A to D and these three will play three matches in their group and each team will face each other once.

In group B England is reach to round 16, with two matches win and one match draw. England won first match against Wales. Finished this match with 2-0. Match between England and USA play out 0-0


A Christian Pulisic goal in the final match against Iran helped USA football team to reach in knocked out 16. After the match sobbing and consoling seen from USA players to Irani player. This seen famous on social media.

Brazil‘s football team is incomplete due to Neymar star injury, but they have won their first two matches in the group G and qualified for the round 16. They win two matches against 2-0 vs Serbia and 1-0 vs Switzerland.

Football star Christian Ronaldo has taken his team Portugal to the knockout stage. Portugal won two matches by defeating Ghana 3-2 and Uruguay 3-2.

Another big football star, Lionel Messi‘s Argentina give an upset loss against Saudi Arabia from group C. But Argentina won next two matches and reached in round 16. The Saudi Arabian team won their first match against Argentina happy to much fanfare, but lost the next two matches and went out of the knockout stage.

FIFA world cup 2022 host team Qatar was first team , who Knockedout from the race of Round of 16. But eventually host loss all of three matches and spread disappointing in Fan following.

From group D, Reigning champions France was the the first team who qualify for Knockouts phase. France win 1st and 2nd match consecutively and has qualify for World cup last 16.

who has qualified for world cup last 16

Teams qualified FIFA World Cup 2022 for the Round of 16

Group. 1st position. 2nd position
A Netherlands Senegal
B England USA
C Argentina Poland
D France Australia
F Morocco Croatia
G Brazil (TBD)
H Portugal (TBD)

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